Home Ownership


The Modern Manufactured Home

Home ownership is a goal of every family. The decision to purchase a home is the first step. One option to consider is a manufactured home.

A modern manufactured home is built to tough standards set by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Creating homes in a controlled environment adds up to cost savings for the manufacturer and, ultimately, for the homeowner.

Increased Safety, Enhanced Energy Efficiency, Improved Livability

These are just some of the attributes found in today's manufactured home. Technology shows everywhere, from the exterior siding to the high R-rated insulation to the modern, low-maintenance wall coverings. Modern technology has given the manufactured housing industry the edge in value for the dollar. Manufactured homes are created in a controlled environment where the essence of the home structure is repeated time after time, and the special touches are added that make each home unique.

All the while, modern technology ensures that manufactured homes are built to the highest standards. The manufacturer can realize tremendous savings by purchasing materials in quantities needed to build 20 to 30 homes at a time, which adds up to a significant cost savings over site-built homes. If a problem should happen to arise, it will be easy to contact the manufacturer for a satisfactory resolution.

Something for Everyone

Manufactured housing offers something for just about everyone. Prices vary greatly, depending on the details. How much does it cost? Because of the many variables-floor plans, construction materials, upgrades, options-that’s a difficult question to answer. All new manufactured homes are sold with major appliances, window coverings and carpeting included. Beamed ceilings, choice of wall coverings, walk-in closets, and elegant bathrooms with garden tubs or whirlpools are just a few of the options available. In addition, manufacturers offer energy packages tailored to the local environment which will dramatically exceed the local building code requirements..